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Create A Killer New Years Eve Outfit

By resalethera91553241, Jul 6 2016 02:35PM

Whew! The hustle and stress of Christmas is finally behind us, but the holiday festivities aren’t over yet. We still have New Year’s Eve ahead of us. The good thing is, it’s finally “me” time. New Year’s Eve is one of the most glamorous nights of the whole year and it’s all about you. It’s your turn to shop for that special outfit for yourself, not somebody else, and then you get to go out looking sensational and have the time of your life celebrating the fresh new year that’s just ahead.

New Year’s is always so inspiring. We have a brand new year… a new beginning… a chance for a do-over of the previous year. On New Year’s Day, we make our resolutions to be a better person this year. Whether it’s to lose a few pounds, be more productive or more attentive to our families by having quality family time. On New Year’s Day, we all set high expectations for ourselves for the coming year. So begins the stress of 2012. Before we start all that though we still have New Year’s Eve. It’s our one last chance to take a deep breath and go out and totally and completely enjoy ourselves and let off a little steam before we have to begin our spectacular transformations the following day.

If looking fantastic at your New Year’s Eve party is important to you, but you don’t have a clue how to put together an outfit that will be uniquely you without spending a fortune… well, first of all, don’t head back out to the mall where you’ll pay top dollar for a new dress, shoes and jewelry. That’s so unnecessary. Besides, every store there has the same merchandise. Don’t you want to strut your own individual style? Well, you have all week to go and check out your favorite consignment shops and create an amazing outfit that does just that.

You may even have several dresses hanging in your closet from previous formal parties that you think you can’t possibly wear again. Well, you absolutely can wear them again. You can make any dress take on a whole new look just by the way you accessorize. When you head out shopping though, don’t go to one shop expecting to find all the pieces you need, because that may not happen. Pick up one piece here and another piece somewhere else. Put them all together, and voila!

For some very helpful tips on how to do this, skim through this Ralph Lauren Q & A and this article by InfoBarrel, What to Wear New Year’s Eve. You’ll find tips on how to accessorize that little black dress, but if you’re going to a casual party, you’ll also get ideas on how to dress up a pair of jeans.

So let’s get started! Yes, I still have to find my special outfit too. I do have a slight advantage though…I spend about 10 hours a day at a consignment shop. But you can come here and hang out awhile. Bring the pieces that you already own and we’ll go through the racks and the shelves and we’ll put together a killer outfit for your New Year’s Eve party!

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