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Got It, Don't Want It? Want it, Don't Got It? Consignment!

By resalethera91553241, Jul 6 2016 02:37PM

Okay ladies, here we go. As much as we may hate the cold weather, it’s time to pull out those winter clothes and get them all washed, pressed and hung. That means it’s time to pack away all the flip-flops and cute little sandals. No more bare toes for a while. It’s time to dig out the wool socks and all those boots we have, but that’s not a bad thing. Boots are pretty darn cool too!

Here’s a helpful little tip to keep in mind while you’re transitioning your closet. While folding your summer things to pack away in those totes for the winter, it’s a good idea to pack a separate tote with the items that you know you won’t be wearing again next spring and summer. Whether it’s gotten too small, too loose, you’re tired of wearing it or you never wore it in the first place for one reason or another, don’t hold onto it and put it back in your closet next spring. Why would you want to waste valuable closet space on things you know you’re not going to wear? If you already have those unwanted items packed in their own separate container, around the end of March, it’ll be so easy to grab that tote, get those clothes washed, pressed and hung on hangers and head out to your favorite consignment shop. Before you even get the rest of your warm weather wardrobe washed and put away, you could have some extra money in your pocket to buy some really cute replacements for the things you got rid of.

And what better place to buy the replacements for your old things than a consignment shop? Consignment store shopping is just as smart as selling on consignment. For the same reasons you decide to get rid of some of your pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories, others do too. It’s not that the stuff is worn out or ruined. Consignment shops don’t take items in poor condition. It’s just that they don’t like the item for some reason. But I’m sure you can find items in consignment shops that you would absolutely love, and the really cool thing is, you’re only going to pay 25% to 50% of retail. That is amazing! Why would anybody that’s on a budget pay full retail prices when they don’t have to?

So, let’s get busy girls. We have a lot of work to do. Get those closets packed away and let’s get those winter things out and ready to go. And it goes without saying…if you come across items in with your winter clothes that you know you won’t wear, get them ready to go to the consignment shop too. Don’t hoard things. That really makes no sense. Make some money and then get out there shopping. Get yourself a cool new pair of boots or a couple of new sweaters or jackets. We can make changing our closets over a fun thing, not a chore!

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