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It Is So Easy Being Green

By resalethera91553241, Jul 6 2016 02:34PM

Kermit may have a tough time being green, but for the rest of us it’s pretty easy. One very good way to be green is to buy and sell gently used clothing and accessories at consignment shops.

If you’re one of those people who takes excellent care of your clothes, then why wouldn’t you try to sell them at a consignment shop when you get tired of them? Recycle the pieces that are still in great condition and make some money. And if you’ve never shopped at a consignment shop, you are in for a very pleasant surprise. Most consignment stores sell good quality items. They don’t sell junk. If you check out the consignment shops in your area, I’m almost positive you’ll find at least one that you love. But if you start here, you won’t even have to check the other ones out. We make it super easy to be green, because we have all like-new, high-end clothing and accessories. We are very particular about the condition of every single item we take.

If you’re concerned that buying second-hand clothes isn’t sanitary, read my blog post concerning that subject. It is completely safe to buy other people’s used items. When you come into our shop and see how clean and organized it is…how it feels like an upscale boutique…you’ll completely forget that most of the things in the store are second-hand. We also have many items that still have their original tags, so some things are brand new too.

Consignment shopping has become very trendy in the last few years. We’re a shopoholic’s dream come true. You can buy tons of things at a consignment shop for the price of one designer brand piece at a department store. And because the prices are so much lower than retail, the more frugal shoppers can afford to be adventurous and try new things that they would be afraid to try if they were paying full price. It gives you the opportunity to experiment and find your own unique style. And if you mess up and buy something, but decide you’re not bold enough to wear it after all, bring it back in and consign it again. That’s another great thing about consignment …there’s no limit to how many times a single item can be recycled. As long as each owner takes good care of it, an item can come in and out of a consignment shop numerous times.

Consignment is eco-friendly, it’s so economic and it’s fun!

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