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At Resale Therapy Consignment Boutique, you get to choose your consignment split — 40% by check or 60% in store credit. The consignment period lasts 60 days at the end of which you can have your items returned or donated.

Quality guidelines

Brand names we don't accept

  • In style

  • Designer, better boutique, or popular label

  • Season-appropriate

  • Perfect "like-new" condition

  • Freshly cleaned and pressed (free of animal hair, lint, smoke smell, and mothballs)

  • Apparel on hangers (unwrinkled and ready to sell)

  • Kmart (Basic Editions, Route 66, Jaclyn Smith, etc.)

  • Walmart (Faded Glory, White Stag, George, etc.)

  • Target (Merona, Xhilaration, Mossimo, etc.)

  • Payless (Fioni, Predictions, etc.)

  • Kohl's (Croft & Barrow, Sonoma. Sag Harbor, etc.)

How to consign with us

“Great store!!”


- Carol W.

Take advantage of the earnings that are rare in the industry!

Ideal consignment item conditions

  • No pilling

  • Zippers work

  • Buttons intact

  • Hems in place

  • Items look “crisp”

  • No spots or stains

  • Underarms unstained

  • No fading or streaking

  • Back pleats and seams

  • Pockets are empty and intact

  • Linings not faded, stained, torn, or shrunken

  • No scuffs or scratches.

Desired conditions of shoes and accessories

  • Mint condition. No scuffs or scratches

  • Shoes: No damage to toe or heels. Inside is clean and unblemished

  • Purses: No ink marks inside, the lining is intact, and is cleaned out

  • Belts: No wear and tear at ends or by the buckle closure. Leather should not be stressed

First-time consigner instructions

  • When you call to schedule an appointment, let us know how many items you have, so we can schedule enough time

  • Bring in your seasonally appropriate items

  • Check that all items are freshly cleaned, pressed, and carried on hangers. Hangers will be returned

  • A standard appointment (about 20 items) takes around 20 minutes

Established consignor options

There are two ways to consign:

By appointment

Frequently asked questions

How can you maximize the value of your items?

  • You have up to 30 items

  • All items meet our guidelines (see below)

  • We select items we feel our customers will appreciate and return the others

Drop and donate

We'll take as many items as you'd like us to consider. This plan is great if you've consigned

with us before, know how it works, and don't want to wait while we sort through your items.

We inspect items as soon as possible (within 48 hours) and pull anything we believe we can

sell. Accepted items will be added to your account, and the rest will be donated.

  • Always launder / clean items according to manufacturer instructions. Leave dry-cleaning tags attached. Leave all sewn-in labels intact. Future buyers like to know what they're buying and how to take care of it. We won't consign items without tags

  • Leave all price tags and manufacturer information labels attached until you wear the item. The presence of original tags increases the value of an item because the buyer can trust that it has never been worn

  • Designer handbags and jeans: Our clients expect designer merchandise to be authentic. If we doubt any items authenticity, we won't sell it. Keep the receipts of luxury items in a safe place in case you decide to consign them

How do we decide which items to accept?

  • We only consign items we think will appeal our customers. Please do not take offense if we decline any of your items. Due to the high volume of items brought in, not everything can be accepted

  • We use quality guidelines (listed below) to make sure items meet all our standards